Lazy Hitchhiker

We all know something is going on, but what?

An Interview with TIME

It’s just a way of measuring patterns, and patterns emerge, always, even in chaos. Everything is actually random chaos, patterns just combine everything to make sense of it.

I also wrote something on DEMONetisation…

It's not about anything, it's certainly not about the money, if it's about something it's about sending a message.

Post-Childhood Requirement: grow up

Lots and lots of time, on this planet called Earth, we hear the human species say this a lot : “Childhood was awesome, I want to be a kid again.” And also the spectrum in which this has been talked about is... Continue Reading →


...go to school, get a job, go to work, get married, have some kids, pay your taxes, pay your bills, watch TV, listen to news, obey the law, now repeat after me: IAMFREE

An (underpaid) Corporate Slut

Let's first segregate the above phrase in four parts: An - The article underpaid - deserves more or at least wants to get more Corporate - relating to a corporation or an organization Slut - I think you know what I... Continue Reading →

East or West ……….

If I ask you to fill in the above blank, and you say, ‘India is the best’ then yeah we are on the same page or else we’ll definitely be after reading this.   Today I have got two stories... Continue Reading →

Infinite Cycles

It’s about two brothers ‘Everything’ and ‘Nothing’. First One: He was a child, had dreams so big Went to school, studied like a pig Got a scholarship, for a nice college Liked what he did, gained some knowledge Got a... Continue Reading →

This is who we are

We live, we die, we fail and we tryWe smile, we cry, we work coz we buyWe are close, we are farCoz this is who we areWe good, we bad, we happy and we sadWe mom, we dad, we marry... Continue Reading →

Dead Flames

It’s a new beginning,It’s a new startThe rubbing of the stones,It’s a strange sparkLet’s see how far this fire goes,How far this revolution goes,This time,Once again it glows.I thought it was a desert,Or was it a forest, maybe a vast... Continue Reading →

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