I never thought I’d ever use this word “True Fact” because when you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense. Okay! This fact is true, irrespective of whether people believe it is a fact or not. Does this has anything to do with the way some social media platforms have changed, and then taken over the way we receive most of our information? If you had just tried any social media, then you know how much baggage this word “fact” contains.

Now to see how this fits in the bigger picture, I want to divide everything you hear with four boundaries.

  1. TRUE fact/information
  2. fact/information
  3. Infotainment
  4. Entertainment
  5. Opinion

Now, on this spectrum with a mere personal opinion or a belief at the bottom and TRUE fact at the top, the sweet spot we all have evolved towards is this infotainment. The first and only rule of Infotainment is, “No matter what, it has to sound good, it must entertain the audience.” Well, obviously the results are surprising as you see yourself surrounded by more and more of swag-before-comfort people, only because they can’t fucking decide whether what they read something online is a TRUE fact or just a fact. How about everyone just stop taking any major Life decisions based on ‘some online-content’?

This “‘knock!-knock!-joke’ repeat”, the new style of everything, from movies to journalism. So what? some coastal areas will start sinking slowly and slowly because some people just prefer to hear completely politically correctly processed true facts, only because they don’t want to hear anything they wouldn’t want to.

If you still have any doubt about what is infotainment, then check down my very slowly growing, but a finely curated collection of as-much-as-I-could-be-unbiased infotainment. Sorry to trick you into another example of infotainment, but you can not make the same mistake next time.