Are you just another guy with just another blog?

Not really sure in which direction to take this to. For now, let’s just say when you forward this link to someone don’t just say, “Check out this guy’s blog or Facebook page or whatever” cause then it seems like it’s just this guy writing and that’s just it. It should be like “Check out this amazing site or something like that” cause then it seems like a legit thing. Okay?

When does a new post come out? 

As soon as it’s ready. I am betting everything on this theory that, “A detailed post, even though long and less frequent, is a lot better than two shitty posts every week.”

What is the post generally about?

Mostly it’s of the form “What do we talk about when we talk about something.” Now that something can range from nothing to anything to everything. And yes, I do take requests about any interesting something.

Do you have any job(s)?

Maybe you should spend less time asking judgmental questions and more time realizing that you’re on the question 4 of a FAQ page on a website which just complains about your world and your life and makes ‘some’ Pocket Money out of it.


Like everyone else, are you writing this just to distract yourself from the fact of your own mortality?

Hell.  Yeah, probably that is deep down a bit of what’s happening.  What kind of question is that?

It just seemed likely.


Anything else?

No.  Is there a reason we’re still here?

Oh if you’re ready to leave, by all means, let’s leave. I didn’t want to be the one to suggest it since I work here.

Yeah sorry, it’s kind of getting weird to be in here alone with you.

Great. You’ve made your point clear. And let’s remember that you chose to come in here and also no one is forcing you to stay.

Okay, I’m just saying.

Let’s both move on with our lives.

Agreed. Bye.


Just one more thing. If you are someone, who kills bloggers for a living; let’s have a conversation, first. I think you can make me understand how I might be wrong.