So, when your brain has started behaving in a way or maybe it’s just wired in such a fashion that when you look at something, you almost always see, ‘How that is the crappiest piece of shit that you have ever seen.

  • Then sometimes this very brain takes a further step into thinking how this thing can be improved in at least these many ways.
  • And then even a fewer times, it takes this another step that, ‘Has anyone else never thought about it? Is everyone just OK with it?’ Nahh!! someone else must have thought about this in one way and another. This is where it takes two paths:
    • As, someone else must have thought about it, why should I bother?
    • That’s a cool thing I can work on, maybe make this piece of shit a bit better.
  • And then at very rare times when THC is bursting in the blood vessels of that very brain, comes an identity crisis, that is there anything ORIGINAL that I have ever thought.Because it seems like anything I can think of is somehow influenced by something someone else has already done, which I am pretty sure would had been influenced by something someone else would have done even earlier. e.g.:- I mean, like me, someone else must have thought that what would be worse, death of your “life partner”, or your sibling’s(or whosoever else you can relate as a lifetime friend).

Then I googled it to check the originality of this idea and found two more terms defining kind of the same thing and dealing with the same question:

Reality Dogma – Is anything real? And stuff like that.

Originality Dogma – Is anything original? And stuff like that.

Pregnancy Dogma – Is this where both above dogmas originate from?

But I am getting ahead of myself, first things first, wtf is this dogma?

Let’s try to create a funny story around this word. Break this into two words: Dog + Ma which would mean ‘A Dog’s Mom’ or simply put ‘ A Bitch’. Yes, Dogma is a bitch. It is the bitchiest thing of all the best bitches you may have ever dated. How this bitch operates is that, it creates a kind of filter through which we see the world and after that you are just forced to experience everything through that. For instance, lets say there is a person who still gets a newspaper every morning, and lets say the first thing (s)he reads in it is his/her horoscope and if it tells him/her not to wear black today, And (s)he doesn’t wear black even if (s)he has dry cleaned that very suit especially for that day. That person is experiencing all of his life through an Astrology Dogma. In conclusion, a person who doesn’t or wouldn’t do anything that astrology doesn’t tell him to do is in the Astrology dogma.

It’s easy to see this from a third point of view, But how does it feel while looking from a first point of view. Lets try to come up with a great analogy for it.

Imagine you are camping out with your friends and then there is always that one person who collects all of other’s glasses and experience that view from all the them stacked on top of each other.

Now, a coloured one would give you a coloured view

A UV protected one would protect your eyes from UV rays.

A Virtual Reality glasses will show you well, virtual reality.

And your own glasses would focus the image that your already weakened eyes can’t see otherwise.

Now, from first person, that person can experience the effect of each of the filters.

Dogma = Bitch with glasses.

A Dogma creates a gorilla glass filter around your “thinking process” And every thought you have is passed through this filter.

And one more thing, here’s what google has to say about it:


ˈdɒɡmə/ noun

a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

e.g.:- “the dogmas of faith”

Now, you might think you don’t have any thing like that surrounding your amazing and unique “thought process” right? Lets experience some of them individually and see how many of these I can get right:-

Pregnancy Dogma:

No one in the world has literally any idea how you brain works/grows/operates completely. Check all the latest studies you want, no expert or philosopher can say (s)he is 100% sure. So, imagine what the experience would be like, of growing up inside of a uterus. I mean no one has been able to figure out how you were made you. This is the point where religion says you were sent by God, and Science says we’ve no idea(at least for now). But whatever ‘miracle’ happens it does define the way we perceive “reality”. I personally think Reality Dogma would be the best term for this. And I don’t know anyone who I think has solved this one. It’s a philosophical dogma, there’s no way winning around this one. So, let’s move on.

Love/Birth Dogma:

I have given this top priority among others because I love Love. It’s the craziest, the best and most entertaining puzzle of all times. We have heard tales, read books and seen a lot of TV based around this one thing. And the adventurous part: Love shares this quality with Ghosts – very few have actually seen or experienced the real one, but still way many more believe in them both. Now, how is this related to your birth or upbringing, like everyone else, I am not sure. But this question has haunted me a lot in my daydreams, “Is Love just a Dogma?” I read somewhere that goes something like this, “Lies start when we are told, ‘Happy Birthday come on now,  you are born’.” And something even more similar, “There are some who never would have loved if they never had heard it spoken of.” So, Love and Life: both because of which we are ready to do things to complete extremes. (like even killing some one(and I really really mean this in a very soft whispering psychopathic way)). 

Parental Dogma:

Before a few days, I was reading a book and the writer shared one of his childhood memory so vividly like you could actually see, hear, feel and maybe even smell that place. So, I thought how did he remember that thing so clearly while all my childhood memories are mostly dumb-fucks or in some way just kind of nerdy. So, I thought let me try and found this:

Even when I was around 3-4 years old, I was somewhat into cooking, so, I learnt some things like tea etc . For most of the time my grand parents were my baby-sitters and I used to go with my grandfather for my ‘outing’ and most of the times he would take me to one of his friends’ house. During one of the these times, we were visiting someone and he was also kind of a cook. So, my grandfather as their usual habit boosted on my this quality. Now his friend, well aware of my grandfather’s this habit, was also a retired teacher like my grandfather, so as his habit, he started taking my test at that very instant and I started in a way like I was singing a poem…first add water…then warm it…then sugar….then tea….then milk…and stir and stir and stir while boiling. And also cool breeze was blowing and cow-dung smell was all over the place.

As soon as I was finished, somewhat out of habit but mostly because of bullshit we adults kind of play when we are around some cute kids, saying contradictory things to what kids have said, just to get some cute remark out of them. But he wasn’t into things like, “Awww!! Your shoes or shirt or a toy or sibling or whatever, is so sweet, can I have it.” Instead he said, no that is wrong; the correct method is first tea, then sugar to boiling water.

I very confidently stood up and responded, “Noooo!!, you are wrong, my Mom told me to put sugar first. So, I am right and you are wrong.”

He just laughed a lot and as he couldn’t come up with a better argument, just accepted defeat. We actually also ended up putting sugar first while making tea. Yeah, things adults have to do for us dumb-fuck kids. Since then, cool breeze was replaced by a warmer one, while Sun was busy playing hide and seek with clouds and tea’s smell had started dominating the cow-dung one.

And last night I found out that some one did a study and my grandpa’s friend was right and for better taste and health point of view you have to put tea first and boil.

Now, I want to just pause here, take a break and reflect on this new piece of information for a minute. A research scholar, went to another one and said, “Hey! I got an amazing idea for a case study. Lets find the correct method of making tea and write a research paper about it.” And from here I found out the answer to the question everyone in the world is asking, What exactly is the thinking process of all the people who voted for Trump in America?” George Carlin, a great comedian, once famously said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”

After that tea incident, nostalgia kicked in and I asked my Mom where that uncle stays now, I haven’t met him in a long time. Everyone’s kind of a relative from where I come from. Turns out he died a while back. So, their ends this story.

Getaway from this very specific dumb-fuck story: “No, you are wrong, my Mom told me to put sugar first. So, I am right and you are wrong” This is Parental Dogma.

Family Dogma:

Have you seen any hindi soap opera ever, it’s filled with Family Dogma. All the major suspense is built that the main character can’t do something because the family tradition says so and the protagonist has to overcome the family dogma, and finally everyone else also kind of understand his/her point. I wish something like that happened a little more in our real lives.

Friendly Dogma:

It is that little extra bit that you are ready go through, only because that person is your “friend”. e.g.:- You won’t go to a Graveyard with someone, unless of course that person is your friend. Have you ever noticed that all the crazy stories start this way : “So, I was there with my ‘friend’ and we did this and it was amazing.” What is also true is that you wouldn’t have done it for/with anyone else. I hate to call it a dogma just because of how beautiful and important this relationship is in our lives but still Friendly Dogma feels deadly.

Law-Religion Dogma:

This is pretty easy to relate to, because in the background, we are always living in one of these: What LAW says is right. What religion says is right(without any/much proof). History is filled with the proofs of how wrong sometimes the law and religion were untill we got around it.


  • Many major religions thought Earth was flat for a long long time and anyone who even suggested otherwise was burnt, at a road intersection in front of everyone, very-very slowly. It’s purpose, same thing as capital punishment right now, to set an example for others.
  • We had laws that once said it was absolutely okay to buy a human being just like shoes or treadmill.
  • So many people were killed in so many religious feuds because they disagreed with their dogmas.
  • We have so many books written, movies made about the human rights, women rights, black right, gay rights or minority rights in general.
  • The irony in that line we had at the first page of our Social Sciences book, right next to our Preamble, “Constitution of India: of the people, for the people and by the people”

…this can go on for a while, these are some of my favourite things to rant about. But, you get the idea.

Book-Movie-Song Dogma:

How many times have you put on your favourite rock-song and like sung right from your lungs and felt like this weird Rock-Energy has come into your body and you are ready to face any life-problem right now? How many times have you seen a movie and felt its grip on you for weeks? How many times have you read an autobiography and find out that guy dropped out of college, and said I think I am also gonna do that or something like that? No, that is just not completely right. If he was in your place, he would suggest you not to do that. Because the time, the situation, the world, is so much different from that. Instead he would say don’t become me, you won’t be good at it, become you. Unless the guy you are talking about is Batman or Joker, then don’t listen to anything else just be them. They’ll both get you the same thing.

Education-Knowledge Dogma:

Second thing after religion, that people can’t hear about is their Education. First of all what amazes me is, why haven’t we stopped calling that education? There is no ‘real’ learning going on here. And knowledge, we seriously need to keep a record book for reference of any big fact/statement that we believe in. Yes, you can believe in something without any reason, or if you are just mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it, something like Love or God or Heaven(I know you all believe that the fairies and princesses are just waiting for each and every one of you on the gateways of heaven, but just don’t forget it’s counterpart hell, I think that place would be more crowded than we like to admit). But again, no issues, okay; I am talking about the ones who thinks that they are a pretty reasonable person, not a hypocrite at all and they try to follow ‘first principles thinking’ whenever and wherever possible. The major problem over-here: ‘We remember the hits and forget the misses’. Just like astrology, if something is true once and fails other times, it does not make a universal truth, Universal Truths don’t exist, there is no right or wrong. There is just Right and Left. When your mind feels comfortable around that fact, only then call yourself ‘a complete open-minded person.’

And isn’t it funny how we call “Sun rises in the east” a universal truth, when it is true just on our planet, and false in rest of the universe.

Internet Dogma:

It maybe a post from a good-sounding-named-facebook-page or some youtube vlog, just don’t trust everything you read on the net. And yes you already know this.

Sleep Dogma:

Okay, I know this may sound weird but again we don’t exactly have a complete idea of what exactly we and our body is doing while we are sleeping. And yes you already know this. One of the biggest unavoidable side-effects of sleep: Dreams, good and the bad ones.

Other-Random Bullshit Dogma:

This is kind of like “etc.” that you write after the end of a list. Just like the idiom, last but not the least, this is the most dynamic and dangerous of them all. It is any random bullshit that you may have heard in Metro, from college, from a friend, or any random stranger you think you can trust this person about this knowledge. It affects our little everyday-to-day decisions, in large numbers. Sure, it affects in small doses but a lot of these small ones eventually effect us more than anything else.

Then doesn’t it means that we are always in one dogma or the another, and the switch occurs so smoothly and so dynamically that we almost don’t even notice. But many-a-times, we experience those ‘Aha!’ moments because of some spark and many things start making sense, simultaneously, and it takes you to places like: All these realities exist and they exist in parallel and all are real in the very sense that this reality tunnel is real for you right now. Then this question kind of stops making sense that, ‘Which one of them is real?’

Thing is that, You are the one who is travelling, and the traveller, and the ‘way’ too. A destination seems to kind of connect all three. Sometimes it gets really hard to differentiate and make strict boundaries between these three and what makes it even more absurd is that ‘Nature’ doesn’t seem to have that big of an issue with a world without boundaries, but we humans can’t fathom this fact that everything is random and these are just some patterns in this random chaos. Psychologists know all about this, they have talked about it a lot. It is somehow connected to the evolution and the brain. You can call these patterns, ‘Laws’ if you want or whatever the fuck you want, it’s just that you would not be completely right about that.

Is that why when we sometimes try to answer these type of questions we don’t get to any end point and everything becomes very fuzzy. It’s that grey area with which we are obviously not comfortable to be in and neither is this complete black and white world we live in. There is no dark black and transparent white, everything is a spectrum, and those black and white are just the names we have given to the extremes of that spectrum. Some spectrum’s ends are well-defined, but most of them are like the number line, both sides, just bounded by a mind-blowing INFINITY.


Everyone crazier than you is a mad person.
Everyone less crazy needs to get a life.
And  you’re just fucking perfect.

SUMMARY or more like an ADVICE:

Wouldn’t it be great if we kept reference like this for everything we knew:



Modi is great. Trump is not. Saw in news Channels and media.
Heavens and Hells exist after death. Read in mythology.
Ancient Aliens exist/existed. Seen in a T.V. show known as Ancient Aliens.
Earth should have been destroyed in 2012. 2012 Movie and everything else that was done for it’s promotion.
Sugar increases your high. Heard from someone who was high.
Venus had a Runaway Green House Effect and climate change is real. Read an article in some Science Magazine and heard from many more intelligent people.
We are going to colonize MARS. From Elon Musk and Space X.
The word DOGMA. In this article : )

P.S.:-  No, I am not gonna ask you to write in the comments down below about what dogmas you have found you are/were in your life and the one’s that I have missed. Instead just figure them out and get rid of the bad ones, and call rest of them ‘good ones’ and just keep them.

P.P.S:- On second thought I would love to hear some more about the one’s that I completely missed.