What is 18+ Maths?

Here’s a what you call a true story:
There were this mathematician couple and one night where normal people would say winter is coming he went:
and it turned out funny for him because she knew what this was, and after this incident, they got married and recited Fibonacci every day before going to sleep.

This is 18+ Maths, it's the best fictional show ever written, where we maths the shit out of everything.

What’s the appropriate age for 18+Maths?
Just as you do with other 18+ stuff, start trying a couple of years before 18 so that you’ll be in full form when actually required. 

But I hate maths.

No, you used to hate Arabic Numeral Language that you were taught in school. Leave it there, just like your childhood sweetheart. Use it if you need it. You’ll love this Non-veg maths.

  Just like you don't need to actually play football for being a Football Fan.
Similarly, you don't need to actually do maths in 18+ Maths.

What is it exactly?

Imagine you were playing a game with your dolls and cars and teddies and toys. You would develop some rules in your virtual world, and then play things along according to those rules. Now it may happen that doctor couldn’t save the barbie, even after 18-hour operation, and if something exactly like that happens in the real world, you’d say, wow!  that rule I made in the game actually also makes sense in a real scenario.
Similarly, Maths also started just as a set of rules written on papers, and then a bunch of figures, but when tested against the real world scenarios, it actually can be seen what romantics call “beauty of maths”. But, the big deal about mathematics is, that it has been in development for centuries, and still new things are coming up and there isn’t one thing that we do, that doesn’t involve mathematical thinking.

But I don’t have the math mind.

Imagine three papers in front of you:

  1. Written with mathematics theorems
  2. Written with musical notes for some  instrument you don’t know to play
  3. Written with Chinese Alphabets

Now in starting all three will not make any sense on the paper. Chinese had to read and practiced with all proper details and then it’ll make sense inside the mind, Musical notes had to manipulated and practiced to the corresponding rhythms, then it’ll make sense inside the mind, Greek characters had to understood and practiced, then it’ll make sense inside the mind.

If you have never practiced maths with the same dedication as you would have practiced the guitar, stop saying that you don't have a math mind, like you'd never say you're just not a guitar person.

What use will it be to me?

I don’t know but if you are involved in any work which requires the involvement of logical and rational and thinking and decision process. Well, Maths is your guy/gal/thing/whatever.
Think about it like this, for all the upcoming years you have to live here if you can choose from “You”  & “You+18+Maths” what would you choose?

Okay, Okay. Where are the episodes:
Episode-1: An Interview with LANGUAGE
Episode-2: An Interview with KNOWLEDGE
Episode-3: An Interview with TIME
Episode-4: An Interview with GOERNMENT

Coming Soon:
Episode-5: An Interview with EDUCATION
Episode-6: An Interview with LOVE
Episode-7: An Interview with ART
Episode-8: An Interview with TECHNOLOGY
Episode-9: An Interview with MONEY
Episode-10: An Interview with VALUES

Episode-11: Surprise-1
Episode-12: Surprise-2
Episode-13: Surprise-3