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We all know something is going on, but what?

Imaginary Journalism (Vol-2/5: Beginning of the End of the World)

They say if only electricity is cut-off permanently, it can slowly lead to the eventual downfall of human civilization as we know it. The same thing can be said about transportation too. Overpopulation will not just seem like a joke then.

IMAGINARY JOURNALISM : (Vol-1/5: Get a License)

To have an actual piece of news, you have to go to someplace from where everyone is trying to get away from. Now, this was seen as a large chunk of stupidity by their loved-ones, and a deeply unsettling courageousness by their paid-ones.

Game of Thrones: Before The Final Season.

Season seven has just ended and only the final season is remaining, and for those who are still waiting for the books, just like when the show started, those two books are still remaining. So, everything must have been set... Continue Reading →

Why should everyone watch Dunkirk?

Everything is chaos, and in this chaos, we follow some characters and experience everything they are willing to do to survive but keep failing again and again and again. Hope is not just a four letter word for them.

An Interview with GOVERNMENT

They have kept sucking from the tax-paying and hard-working middle class and they’ll continue doing so by making sure there’s a poor-class, just to scare the shit out of middle class.

Happy Earth Day?

Clean water for whom? Clean air for whom? Clean soil for whom? Ozone Layer for whom? Reasonable temperature for whom?

An Interview with KNOWLEDGE

A big part of who we are, is what we know And if we learn something new, that doesn't go along with our worldly view, won't we have to re-examine who we think we are?

An Interview with LANGUAGE

You just cannot start by defining a dictionary of words and then try to find a set of words from them which define exactly whatever abstract concept you are thinking about.

A conversation to remember

You know what will be interesting to read, a 'love tale' written by a couple combined. Even though the chances of completing that work are incredibly rare, but that would be more realistic because how can one sex alone completely understand the both sides. It's just too much chemistry.

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